Will this relationship work out?

Will he/she return? 

Is he/she  the right one?

Why is he/she distant from me?

What is his/her feeling towards me?

I want to understand my partners' thoughts/needs


Should I switch career?

Will I get the promotion/job?

Will my business take off?

What type of work is best?

How does my boss feel about me?

Will I like my new position?


Why do I feel like things are not working out for me?

What does the spiritual world want me to know?

Am I living my purpose?

What should I be improving?

Do I have a spiritual gift?

Who Am I?


Will my finance improve?

How can I  improve my finance?

Will this business deal work out?

Can I trust the person I am in business with?

Is this the right time to make a major purchase or invest?


What can I expect when I come into a session with you?

I am a very calm, loving, and patient person. I will listen to your questions and look at the whole situation before giving you an answer. I am not here to judge you nor will I ever treat you differently whether this is your first reading or your tenth reading with me. You will find that I will tune into the energy surrounding the situation and give you full insights from all angles of the situation. My sessions tends to be very informative, liberating, and respectful. Not all the time you would like what I have to say, however anything I tell you will be unbiased of my personal opinion and base on the energy I am picking up at that particular moment.

How can I get the most out of my reading?

In order to get the most out of your reading, please come into the session with an open mind, positive attitude (I am working off of the energy you give off.) and also with the intent to communicate with me as I have no control over what is coming up in the reading. For example, I may see that you have great opportunities present, and everything is showing very positive for you but I see you are experiencing  anxiety and feeling stuck. I will ask you questions surrounding your feelings about that particular issue. I ask questions in order to gain a deeper understanding of that particular issue in order to give you an accurate answer. Your participation is definitely needed in a reading. My goal is to have you leaving with answers so you can make a decision that is right for you not to leave you more confused than before.

Do you give time frames?

For me, I do not believe in giving time frames as I do believe things can change at any moment. Time is fluid. It also stops when you put a time period on something. When you want something to happen now you have to believe it is already being granted to you. I tell my clients to think of it already happening and take the proper steps to make things happen. You will always remain in control of your own life.

What information do you need from me?

I would like you to provide me with your full name dob and if another party is involved their information also. I would like for you to give me a small summary of  the overall situation, what is bothering you and have your questions ready to go.

Can you connect to a love one who has past to the other side?

Yes, I can. In not all cases the spirit will speak. Sometimes they will show me a vision of what they are doing, deliver their message through pointing, do something thing that relates to their personality, reveal a scenery, or show me. It is up to the spirit to communicate what it chooses the other party to know. Usually in these types of reading , I will ask my clients to give me this person's name and to ask their question. The spirit will then respond. The spirit will do something I can see or hear so I can interpret it to the client.

Do you do readings on health and legal?

I will not advise on medical or legal issues as I am not a doctor. Same goes for legal advice, best option is to ask your lawyer. I will advise on if your lawyer or doctor have your best interest at hand base on intentions.

How far do you see into the future?

I see near distance. Within a two year period.

What is your reading style?

I tend to be compassionate, honest, and straightforward. If I have to deliver news that is not what my client would like to hear, I will deliver it in a respectable way. I total understand how bad news make others feel so, I will always  deliver it in a way that will never make you feel uncomfortable. It is about getting you the insights so you can make the choices you need, not hurting your feelings or judging you. 

Do you use tools to read?

I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. I do use energy cards as well. Depending on the situation, I will use the appropriate channel to provide you the information you need.  Sometimes my messages are delivered through visions, angel numbers, voice, or again tools such as card.

What should I do after I have a reading?

Take the time to clear your mind and gather your thoughts. With the information you just receive, take in consideration all details and see what changes you can implement to make things better for you. There is always room for improvement whether it be letting g, moving forward, are simply taking the time to apply attentive listen and deep understanding to the situation. You have the power to change many things, however it is up to you to do it on your own.

Another reader told me something else?

Readings can differ base on approaches, perspectives of the reader's angle, information given at that time, your energy at the time of the reading,  your actions taken since the last reading, and motive of all involved.

Why in the reading did most things come up about my past instead of the present?

In this case, what you will find out is subconsciously  you are stilling holding on to unsettle feelings there. This could be cause of trauma, being hurt,  or unresolved feelings. Sometimes you do not realize what you dislike and try to disconnect so much from is still laying  deep within until something triggers it and comes out. You may not think about it however the feeling is still there just buried deeply in the mind.

My last reading was totally different than this reading?

Remember you are working in the spirit world. Readings are done base on pure energy of that situation which was presented at that particular moment. Energy around a situation is always changing. What happen yesterday, maybe something different tomorrow as humans remain in full control of their own action. With that being said, yes, you can have two totally different readings base on what is happening at the particular time you are getting that reading. Now if it is a case where you are having two readings done in the same day or very close together by two different reader, ask yourself which angle is the reader looking at your situation from, what is the reader's intention, and are there any similarities in the formation you are seeing.

I did not see any change?

There are always actions to take. If you did not do your part, you can not expect nothing to change.